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In the martial arts the student is taught the basic fundamentals of kicking, punching, self-defense and sparring techniques through each belt, with the difficulty increasing as the student advances. Each belt normally contains one or two Kata's. A Kata is a "pre-arranged form or patterned fight designed as an aid in teaching concentration of technique and fluid movements."

The book is arranged using a belt system similar to the martial arts, starting with white belt and working through to black belt (11 belts in all). The book is 127 pages and has been spiral bound so that it will lay flat on the table. The right hand page diagrams the shot, drill or pattern. The left hand facing page includes cue ball location, object ball(s) location, objective of the shot, drill or pattern, and in many cases suggestions, comments and/or opinions to help the user understand the skills that should be learned with the shot, drill or pattern.

The book contains recommended competencies for each belt level. In addition, there are recommended competencies at the black belt level for each shot, drill or pattern. The facing page includes these recommended competencies. For example competencies for one of the basic white belt shots is

  • Temporary white belt - Execute the shot successfully 5 out of 10 times
  • Permanent white belt - Execute the shot successfully 7 out of 10 times
  • Permanent Black Belt - Execute the shot successfully 10 times in a row.

Also included on the facing page is a "journal" which includes a space for the user to indicate the date they executed the shot, drill or pattern at that competency level. There is also a space to note your personal best at that shot, drill or pattern.

If a similar shot drill, or pattern is contained in other literature or videos, there is a reference on the facing page so the user can go to that source if they seek additional information.

The beginning of the book includes a glossary of terms, an explanation of the diagrams, and a section on how to use the book. In addition, there are recommendations for practice which include a detailed discussion of the thought processes involved in developing a solid pre-shot routine to be used during practice and actual play.

Also included are the rules for a game to test and rate a player's skill level at 9-ball (9-Ball Q-Skill). The game is a lot of fun and a sound test of your ability. A score sheet for this game is included.

The book was written to be taken to the table and in a format to help the learning process, make practice more challenging and enjoyable, and enable you to chart your progress using the journal.

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