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Billiards Digest Magazine

Three new books are in for review this month, and the commonality between them is that each presents materials that, for the most part, have been seen before. Still each work is so well-executed that they all have something of value to teach….

Finally, we have the self-published “Black Belt Billiards” from Billiard Congress of America instructor Steven Campana. I’ve long theororized that martial arts would be an ideal training adjunct for cue games, teaching their constituents hand speed, discipline and confidence as they do (C.J. Wiley and his mentor the late Dalton Leong, are proof that I am right). Mr. Campana is an accomplished martial artist too, but in this case the title simply refers to a structured process for marking your progress in, and eventual mastery of, practice drills.

This is a compilation of such drills - nearly 30 of them - and while no one expects you to take on all these drills in the same session, you could do far worse. All are relevant, all will help you develop your game, and all adapt well to more difficult versions of themselves as you improve. Some of the drills will be familiar, some will not. But they all provide a chance to develop as a player and an ideal warm-up before competition.

Of this trio, this book (Black Belt Billiards) will likely help you improve fastest.

George Fels, Consulting Editor
December 2002 Issue

Pool & Billiard Magazine

The practicality of a spiral-bound instruction book can’t be overstated, and we were glad to see Steve Campana’s book come in that form (Black Belt Billiards, 127 pgs. 8.5 x 11 inches, 2306 East 32nd St., Davenport, IA 52807).

Campana uses the martial arts theme to tie together a book of drills, some of which will be familiar to you. Many were inspired by Bert Kinister’s tapes, and others by Phil Capelle, Mark Wilson and George Fels. The book also draws from diverse areas for mental inspiration - Zen sayings, quotes from a university softball coach, and Calvin Coolidge, to name a few.

What sets this apart from drills presented in other books is its well-thought out and intelligently organized program, with a structure that you can stick to and enjoy.

Thomas C. Shaw, Managing Editor
October 2002 Issue

Fran Crimi, BCA Master Instructor

Re: Black Belt Billiards Great Book!

I'm sure you know how I feel about your book, Steve, being that I just got a bulk order from you.

I'm using it as a workbook in my lessons with students and it's extremely helpful in giving them something to strive for.

I think your belt system is very clever and my students love the idea of shooting for a higher level.

I'm enjoying it myself, challenging myself to do things at the highest level. Sometimes I'm not so successful and it shows where my weaknesses are. Not telling. Ha!

Thanks again, for your contribution to our sport. It's a great book and I'll be using it with my students for a long time to come.


Reader's Comments

Dear Pool & Billiards Magazine,

Your magazine is always outstanding with Billiard Books, Tapes, Instructional Staff and all the news.

I purchased the “Black Belt Billiards” instruction book by Mr. Steve W. Campana (BCA Instructor.) This was the “icing on the cake.”

The presentation and the order of the drills could never be over rated, due to the intelligent structure of the directions, and the layout diagrams.

I follow Allison Fisher’s advice and theory, “Solo Practice.” The Black Belt Billiards is organized so well it provides good solid practice, rewarding mental satisfaction, vast improvement and individual achievement.

Larry E.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Dear Pool & Billiard Magazine,

As a comparatively new pool player I read Tom Shaw’s reviews of new instruction books in the October ’02 issue. Intrigued by his comments on Steve Campana’s book, “Black Belt Billiards,” I bought it.

It’s a great book, I think for anyone, but especially for new and intermediate players. Since I took up pool late in life and have been trying to close the gap with long time players, I have found the drills, shots and exercises of great help. In particular, I like the spiral binding as I can take it to any practice facility. I also like the idea of achieving an interim goal on shots and drills, but still having to improve and gain black belt status.

It is well organized, and it is a wonderful road map on how to improve your game. Glad you printed the review.

Jack P.
Geneseo, Illinois

Fellow pool players,

This past weekend I received a pool book I sent for titled, "Black Belt Billiards." I now have 19 books on pool, including, Byrnes, Miserak, Capelle, Koehler, Fels, Martin, etc. This is the only one to date that is a book of practice shots, drills, patterns and techniques to surely improve your game. There has never been a book of this kind before. It is spiral bound, 61 pages of what and how to do it and 61 pages of full-page table diagrams. I'm really excited about it and how it will improve my game. If you are interested, I'll bring it to the next tournament for you people to see.

Emailed to thirty friends of:
Kenn R.
San Buenaventura, CA

Hi Steve,

This is Jeff, just got your book yesterday, what fast service.

I can only say AMAZING, this book has it all, and I really like it. Some of the drills I have seen before but you offer it in a format that I believe will cause dramatic improvement. If you ever need an endorsement I will give it.

Jeff A.
Shelbyville, TN

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